Information kiosks are rapidly replacing traditional form of advertisement and helps improve your everyday life. Most organizations now understand the benefits of information kiosks. An Information Kiosk is an interactive or non interactive  kiosk that displays information through some form of  interactive menu systems. It is a combination of both hardware and software with telecommunication networks that are built to collect, create and distribute useful data towards another organizational setting. In simple term, it is an informative system that effectively gathers information and redistribute it.
An informative Kiosk are an embodiment that gathers data on relevant information and present it in a more stylish, easy and digestible format for individuals/customers. This data is analyzed to assist consumers and individuals with products and services that are relevant to their specific needs. 
The Informative touchscreen kiosk comes in different shapes and styles with HD LCD touchscreen display and computer. This design makes great wayfinding and lobby kiosk in places like airports, hospitals, office buildings, museums, hotels, schools, shopping mall etc.

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