Triumph Board Multi Touch 96 “is an interactive board that allows you to write, draw, move, and even manipulate the size and rotation of objects by two users, using two fingers at the same time. It is fully multi-touch, does not require separate settings, users can write, draw and move objects using your finger, pen or any pointer.

The Triumph Board Multi Touch 96 “connects to your computer via a fast USB 2.0 interface or wirelessly at 2.4 GHz (as an option). Just connect the board, making classes more effective by increasing performance and interest.

Triumph Board Multi Touch 96 “works with Linux, Mac and Windows software, taking into account the multi-touch solutions currently used in Microsoft Win-7 software. Use simple, intuitive gestures to move, rotate, zoom and shrink objects.




  • Multi-Touch (32 Touch Input
  • UHD resolution (3840 x 2160)
  • Android system
  • Optional Built in OPS PC
  • Optional LiftBoxes and Stands
  • TRIUMPH CLOUD – annotation software (online & offline)
  • EShare – wireless content sharing software (Windows & Android)
  • OfficeSuite – All-in-One Office Application  (Android)
  • RM Easiteach Next Generation – educational and teaching software (optional)
  • DisplayNote – collaboration software (optional)


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