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Infrastructure Services

Telecom, LAN, WAN, Turnkey Solutions

Computer NetworkingIn this fast paced business environment, information is the key to survival for any business. Timely and accurate information is what puts the companies at an advantage to compete on not only local but also global markets. To make this information available on demand most corporate are adopting IT and IS tools and staying connected has become a need rather than a luxury. We at Certified Systems Limited help our customers to embrace technology with out compromising on normal functions. Armed with a suite of pre designed & specially tailored and developed solutions right from software to email, to manage network solutions. With the help of Managed Network Solutions we let your business run rather than worry about the infrastructure. We also provide consultancy & turnkey service for almost any kind of telecom or IT requirements.

Wide Area Networking Services

Connecting multiple company sites on a wide area network is now fundamental to doing business. Your communications infrastructure supports your business and effective working between employees, customers and is totally dependant on your network working effectively and efficiently.

These days, for most businesses, network downtime is not an option; it isn’t just disruptive, it can bring your business to a standstill.

Certified Systems Limited offers a full range of network infrastructure solutions, drawing on many years’ experience of designing and implementing private VPNs, MPLS and DSL networks, to support some of the largest companies in Nigeria and Government Parastatals. Our approach to network integration focuses on ensuring that your infrastructure is resilient, secure and fit for purpose both for your immediate and future business requirements.

Certified Systems Limited works with organizations to understand what their core requirements are, then designs and implements adapted infrastructures that underpin these business needs. When designing a WAN solution, Certified Systems Limited draw on the experience gained from supporting our existing client base. This has produced an array of flexible, yet structured and proven, technical architectures which can be combined to work within any combination of budget, resilience and performance parameters.

Business Benefits

Reducing Cost

Technologies and the cost of bandwidth have changed and many businesses are now looking at how they can reduce costs. Very often, this can be achieved by implementing an enhanced network.

Consolidation of legacy networks

Many organizations have implemented their networks on an ad hoc basis and they now need to audit their existing infrastructure against their current and future requirements.


Many businesses are now considering how their network needs can be adapted for voice, data, video and even storage purposes.

Virtual Private Networks enable business to communicate across sites and even to home and remote workers.

Certified Systems Limited uses a range of access technologies, including VPN, MPLS, Wireless Networks to provide customers with secure, efficient solutions adapted to their business needs.

MPLS, provides enhanced performance and is inherently secure. Networks can be designed on an ‘any to any’ or ‘hub and spoke’ basis with applications hosted centrally, or even in your data center to ensure maximum efficiency and availability.

All aspects of our Managed VPN service are fully guaranteed and backed by comprehensive SLAs.

Managed VPNs offer:

  • A network solution independent of access technologies
  • Incorporates existing and legacy infrastructure into new solutions
  • A secure resilient network suitable for businesses requiring a robust solution
  • Security and traffic prioritization based on core MPLS technology, rather than edge devices
  • Classes of services can be added so the network is optimized for converged usage
  • Very cost efficient due to multiple players offering

MPLS virtual private network

MPLS enables the creation of a secure and reliable Virtual Private Network (VPN). Because it allows prioritization of traffic, MPLS is an ideal technology for secure high capacity corporate networks required to carry both voice and data. Because all traffic is enclosed within the private network, it is also inherently secure.

Since locations are effectively and transparently connected, there is less need for changes between sites, and remote workers are able to move from office to home with ease. MPLS consists of a single integrated IP network that supports quality of service (QoS), allowing you to implement high priority services – a key advantage in an application rich environment.

The move to converged networks is one of the biggest issues currently facing businesses.

Traditionally networks have been designed to carry data, but now it is possible for the same infrastructure to be used to carry voice as well as multimedia applications.

However, running numerous applications over the same lines will impact on performance. Designing a converged network requires an understanding of the network usage, as well as actually having the infrastructure to ensure that all applications can actually run effectively over it.

Our network is therefore perfect for those considering VoIP. However is equally ideal for businesses requiring guaranteed quality on ERP / CRM applications, or CCTV and multimedia.

Converged Networks offer

  • Increased efficiency by maintaining a single infrastructure
  • Cost savings by multiple use of infrastructure
  • Platform for future services such as voice over IP
  • Service Level Guarantees provided

DSL has revolutionized business by providing an affordable means of permanent connectivity to the Internet.

Certified Systems Limited offer a range of DSL services which are compliant with a broad set of business and technical requirements.

Download speeds of 256 Kb, 512 Kb, 1 Mb and 2 Mb; all ADSL upload speeds are fixed at 256 Kb. The majority of data for standard Internet use is in the downstream direction and therefore 256 Kb upstream is over capacity in most cases.

Certified Systems Limited can offer a DSL upload speed matched to the downstream though our SDSL service, where this is available. Certified Systems Limited also offer a range of optional extras to ensure security and best use of your ADSL connectivity.

Low Cost and reliable network over Copper Pair lines.

Product Uses and Benefits

  • Normal LAN
  • Internet, Printer and File Sharing
  • Video conferencing
  • File transfer allows large files to be sent

DSL Networks offer

  • Cost effective unified networks
  • Entry level networks where costs may have been prohibitive in the past
  • Fast, flexible implementation

Consultancy & Turnkey Solutions

  • Data Center Setup
  • Call Center Setup
  • Telecom EPABX Turnkey Solution with Telecom Network Design & Implementation
  • Wireless Connectivity
  • Wi-Fi Campus Networks and HotSpots
  • Leased Lines and Internet Bandwidth.
  • Managed Network Services.

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