Interactive Flat Panel Board

Buy Interactive Flat Panel – Two Years Warranty

Looking for where to buy Interactive Flat Panel? look no further, Certified Systems Limited is your best supplier. We deal on the best Interactive Flat Panel of different inches ranging from 55″, 65″, 75″, 86″, and 98″ inches.

Buy the best Interactive Flat Panel with a fully integrated developed professional solution which makes all types of presentation and training more interactive with its effective presentation tool. Our Interactive Flat Panel comes with the latest IRD LED Optical technology with up to 32 touch input that provides the ideal multi touch experience. The optional bulletin OPS PC with Incorporated Intel Core Processors and Microsoft Windows 10 Pro (OEM) with a selection of language options and pre-installed applications, delivers  top of the line performance. It ensures a natural and accurate writing and drawing experience by reducing the gap between the touch point and the point displayed on the screen. Interactive Flat Panel Display

These versatile pieces of technology are collaborative powerhouses that are very useful for corporation, business meetings and education systems. More specifically, they can play a very significant role in media based productions and jobs such as marketing, engineering or teaching. The Interactive Flat Panel display technology is considered a replacement for outdated projector technology and offers a wide range of high quality display, enhanced connectivity and built-in software solutions. The IFPDs Users can access different computer files and interact with them. It is basically a giant tablet that enables users to effective perform any form of presentations and collaborations compared to white board or projectors, they offer better picture quality, extended display performance, superior collaboration software and better interface and control capabilities.

Why buy Interactive Flat Panel from Certified Systems Limited? We offer two years warranty for all of our Interactive Flat Panels as well as other products unlike other companies where you are being given six to one year warranty at most. At Certified Systems Limited, we value quality over quantity and that entails in all our products and services we offer to our client both locally and internationally. The Interactive Flat Panel can either be fixed on the wall or on a mobile stand with wheels for easy movement. You can either buy Interactive Flat Panel with wheels for easy movement or can be fixed on the wall.

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